Гель Cream&Oil Magnolia

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  • Care for the skin and inspiration for the senses.

    Irresistibly soft: Fa Cream & Oil Shower Cream with Cacao Butter & Coconut Oil provides visible care
and a new smoothness. The especially rich formula with precious caring oil provides your skin with long-lasting protection against drying out. The inspiring composition
of cacao and coconut scents takes your senses on a fascinating journey…


    » For soft and supple skin
    » Sensual fragrance experience
    » Dermatologically tested skin compatibility
    » pH skin-neutral

    • Містить мигдальну олію
    • М'який крем-гель, що розкішно піниться
    • Догляд і свіжість з ніжним ароматом магнолії